We provides one-stop service to our overseas patients who need diagnosis with advanced medical treatment, from high-level premium physical examinations to cancer immunotherapy. We will assist you to communicate with medical institutions, to arrange transportation, interpretation, translation, companionship for you
and we will assist you to transfer your fee payment for your medical tour.

Health Screening(PET-CT / Brain Check) Various arrangements Sightseeing tour Local escorting Health Screening(PET-CT / Brain Check) Various arrangements Sightseeing tour Local escorting

With the highly developed transportation infrastructure, you can get to and fro the Hokuriku area either by land or air via Hokuriku Shinkansen ( High speed Trian), Komatsu Airport, Noto Airport or Toyama Airport. The unique tourism resources will make your stay pleasant and relaxed. It’s our pleasure to plan your trip.....the customized high-class premium medical examinations with a two-days-and-one- night sightseeing.

Advanced medical treatment, expertise of medical treatment, diagnosis, physical examinations, sightseeing, etc.....all these items will be customized per your needs. What we do is to provide you the highest-level and best quality service for coordinating your medical treatment and planning your sightseeing and tourism projects.

Service Procedures


(Please contact us by email first)

Use email and SNS for consultation and communication, so that both parties can understand the service requirements, specific processes, and confirm the content and requirements of this service.


Introduction of appropriate medical institutions

After consultation, we will start to choose the appropriate medical institution for you.



Fill and sign the application forms and consent letter, pay the application deposit (30,000 to 100,000 yen).
Receiving the application deposit, we will contact the selected medical institution. After we receive the response from the medical institution for admittance, we will confirm with the patient for the selection.


Translation and submission of all necessary documents including the consent letter

All necessary documents including the consent letter will be translated into Japanese and submitted to the medical institution.
If the patient agrees to receive treatment from the medical institution, the patient’s medical condition, diagnosis, treatment history, surgical report and medication information, etc. will be provided and we will arrange for translation and submit all documents to the medical institution. Please note that patients may also be rejected by medical institutions due to the medical condition. If you only need health diagnosis or physical examinations, you do not need to submit the above documents.


Submission and explanation of budget quotation

Different medical institutions have different medical treatment methods and prices. We will select the medical institution at the request of the patient and present the budget quote. The entire costs will be the responsibility of patient.
The amount of medical treatment budget quotation includes consultation and diagnosis, treatment, translation of various relevant medical documents, interpretation services at the medical institutions and service charges, etc. (Refer to the contract for specifics)
Expenses of sightseeing are quoted separately if arrangements are required and made.


Medical institution appointments and sightseeing plans

After signing the contract with the medical institution, the patient needs to transfer the entire medical budget amount into the account designated by the medical institution. Other sightseeing related expenses are transferred to the designated travel agency’s account. After the receipt of the payment is confirmed, we will plan and coordinate your itinerary to visit Japan and make appointments with medical institutions and travel agencies.


Interpretation, translation, and escorting arrangements

During your stay in Japan, our company will arrange the interpretation, translation and escort services that will cover medical consultations, diagnostic explanation and document preparation. Sightseeing tours will also be included.


Translation and interpretation of diagnosis results, communication with the treating doctor for follow-ups

The patient’s diagnosis and treatment results will be explained orally or translated in written forms by a translator. If any follow-up treatment is required, the translator will assist the patient to consult with the attending doctor and discuss the follow-up treatment plan.


Payment to medical institutions and travel agencies

Full amount of prepayment to the medical institution and travel agency is required. If the actual costs are less than the prepaid amount, we will refund according to the contract. If additional costs are required, we must obtain the patient's written consent in advance (except for life-threatening emergencies). The patient must pay off all additional costs before leaving Japan.


Follow-ups before going abroad and after returning home

If you need a medical visa before going abroad, we will assist you in obtaining it. During your stay in Japan, we can also arrange for the airline's boarding permission in advance based on your medical condition. If required, we can also provide medical staff escort and/or translators escort. In addition, if there is a problem after returning to your own country, we will contact the medical institution for follow-ups.

Medical sightseeing tour (example)

Medical Care Introduction

Travel options (example)

Travel options (example) Travel options (example)


Kanazawa city sightseeing tour
Noto Peninsula sightseeing tour
Kaga area sightseeing tour

Cultural experience

Laying gold leaf, Making Japanese-style sweets, Wearing Kimono, Conducting tea ceremony, Practicing Zen and calligraphy, Striking Japanese Taiko drum, Enjoying short stay in a Japanese family, etc.

Sightseeing tour details

■ About changes and cancellations

  • Please note that the application fee (30,000-100,000 yen) is not refundable regardless of any changes or cancellations.
  • For any changes and cancellation procedures, please contact us by email or phone during our business hours. If you contact us out of our business hours, your request will be processed on the next working day.
  • Please note that if you fail to check in in time with the medical institutions or travel agencies due to the delay in transportation, a change or cancellation fee will be charged.
  • If a refund occurs due to cancellation, we will remit the refund to the account designated by the customer, and the remittance fee will be borne by the customer.

● Guide to fees for changes and cancellations

※ Reservation date: For medical treatment, it refers to the appointment date for medical treatment. For sightseeing, it means the scheduled departure date.

Advance cancellation request inquiry
(received within working hours)
Cancelation or any changes fees
(deducted from total payment)
• 30 days before 0%
• Within 2914 Days 30% of total amount
• Within 137 Days 50% of total amount
• Within 62 Days 80% of total amount
• On the scheduled date or No show 100% of total amount

Example: When the scheduled date is March 31, if you do not notify us about your cancellation or any changes, these fees will be charged.

Before March 1st   0%
From March 2nd toMarch 17th 30% of total amount
From March 18th toMarch 24th 50% of the total amount
From March 25th toMarch 30th 80% of the total amount
On March 31st to 100% of the total amount