Medical Care Introductions

Health Screening

accepting medical institution: Keiju Medical Center, or other Partner Medical Institutions

■ Social Medical Corporation Foundation Keisenkai EijuMedical Center
Two-Days-One-Night Health Screening Package Popular! One night Onsen (hot spring) stay at Wakura Onsen and a Health Screening

● For Same Day Return, The following packages will be available:

・Basic physical examinations package mainly for lifestyle-related disease prevention;
・Brain Screening for potential brain diseases;
・Basic PET-CT screening;
・Blood tests only (Approx: 3 hours);
・Other available Health checkup packages

● Two-Days-One-Night Health Screening Full Package

Day 1

  • 1.Physical Measurement / Blood Pressure Test / Sight Examinations
  • 2.Chest X-ray / Hearing Test / Electrocardiogram /Abdominal Ultrasound / Interview
  • 3.PET-CT Examinations / Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy/ Colon Endoscope (SF)
  • 4.Fundus Examination /Intraocular Pressure Test /Electrocardiogram /Lung Function Examination
  • 5.Mammography (Applicable candidate only)/ Brain Health Screening
  • 6.Transport to Wakura Onsen lodging hot spring hotel

Day 2

  • 7.Transfers (To Medical Center in the morning)
  • 8.Urinalysis/Blood Sampling /75g Glucose Tolerance Test
  • 9.Brain Health Screening results explanation
    * Only applicable persons are screened for uterine cancerscreening / Breast Cancer Screening / Dental Health Examination
  • 10.Doctor ‘s Diagnosis, Examination and Explanation ofresults
  • 11.Health Guidance by Public Health Nurses

● Optional Inspections and Examinations

・Lung Cancer Test Chest CT Examination, Sputum Cytology Examination
・Microarray Inspection Diagnose “possibility of cancer”
Subjects: Stomach, Large Intestine, Pancreas, Biliary Tract
・Amino Index Test Determine “risk of getting cancer”
Subjects: Stomach, Large Intestine, Lung, Pancreas
Male: Prostate; Female: Breast, Uterus / Ovary
・Ecological Colorectal Cancer Test Determine “risk of getting cancer”
Subject: Large Intestine
・Gastric Cancer ABC test Determine “risk of getting cancer”
Subject: stomach
・Abdominal Visceral Fat CT Examination Measure visceral fat area from abdominal tomographic images
・Bone Density Measurement Test Measure bone mass and evaluate bone density with X-rays
・Atherosclerosis Test Measure blood vessel hardness and evaluate blood vessel age
・Cervical Cancer Test Cytology, Uterine / Ovarian Ultrasound Inspection
・HPV Inspection Test for human papillomavirus infection

■ What is PET-CT, the cutting-edge cancer diagnosis?

● Features of PET-CT

Cancer cells consume about 3 to 8 times more glucose
than normal cells.  When 18F-FDG glucose analog is
used in the test, it will accumulate more than normal
level if there is a cancerous lesion.  A PET-CT camera
is often used to find where the cancer is.

● Early Detection is Essential for Cancer Treatment

To cure the cancer, finding it in its early stage and starting to
treat it is very important.  Conventionally, examinations
were required to perform separately for each part of the
body, such as the lungs and intestines. With the advent of a
new diagnostic device called PET (Positron Emission
Tomography), cancer inspections can be done by one time
scan for whole body. In addition, with the development of
the latest PET-CT technology which combines PET and CT
scans, more precise and quick inspections and diagnosis
becomes possible.