Medical Care Introductions

Diabetes treatment

accepting medical institution: Kanazawa Medical Center

■ Complications associated with diabetes
can be treated early with joint efforts of other medical departments!

Diabetes is a lifestyle-related disease,
and diet andexercise are greatly involved in the onset andprogression of the disease.
In addition to doctors, teams with nurses,pharmacists, dietitians and laboratory technicians
will provide medical treatment guidance together.
During the hospitalization for diabetes, not only three major complications (retinopathy, neuropathy,
and nephropathy) but also peripheral vascular, cervical arterial echo, etc. will be examined.
If thereare complications, ophthalmology and cardiovascular departments will be involved for early treatment such as surgery.  
The hospital is certified as a diabetic educational facility by the specialists of the
Japanese Diabetes Society and an endocrine educational facility by the specialists of the Japanese Endocrine Society.

In recent years, Japan has already developed various new medicine and therapy for Diabetes exclusively.
This hospital can prescribe SGLT2 inhibitors and DPP-4 inhibitors, which are new medicine for diabetes.

● Diabetes Outpatients, Hospitalized Patients

Number of outpatients: Approx. 1100 (year)
Number of inpatient: Approx. 180 (year)