Medical Care Introductions

Immuno-cell therapy

accepting medical institution: Kanazawa Advanced Medical Center

■ Decrease of immune strength occurring in cancer patient

Compared to healthy people, weakening of immune strength, such as reduced numbers of T lymphocytes and killer T-cells, is observed in cancer patients.

■ What is immuno-cell therapy?

Immuno-cell therapy, along with 3 major therapies for cancer, is positioned as the 4th treatment option. Several therapies are strategically combined and play a part in multidisciplinary therapy.

Immuno-cell therapy utilizes the activation and cultivation of the patient’s own cells, resulting in drastically lower side effects and expectancy of maintaining a high quality of life.
Furthermore, with the combined use of anticancer drugs and radiotherapy, improved results can be expected.

There are also reports of relapse prevention. Since it is also believed to have an effect on microscopic cancers unable to be removed by surgery, it is also effective as a supplementary treatment for after-surgery relapse prevention.

■ Immuno-cell therapy offered at Kanazawa Advanced Medical Center

● Activated Autologous Lymphocyte Therapy

This is a treatment that takes the lymphocytes, at the core of immune strength against cancer, out of the body, and applies strong stimulation to activate and cultivate them.
Therapeutic method is determined by the type and characteristic of the cancer.

・Alpha beta T-cell therapy

This is a treatment that utilizes lymphocytes separated from the patient’s blood, selectively activating and cultivating alpha beta
T-cells found within, then reintroducing them back into the body.

・Gamma delta T-cell therapy

This is a treatment which takes gamma delta T-cells, which exist only in small percentages in lymphocytes, and selectively activates and cultivates them with the latest technology.
This is a new treatment that, depending on the type of cancer and the condition of the disease, can have a greater effect than alpha beta T-cell therapy.

● Dendritic Cell (DC) Vaccine Therapy

Dendritic Cells (DC) are a type of white blood cell which transmit antigens that mark cancer for lymphocytes, commanding them to attack. Dendritic Cells carrying cancer tissue cut from the patient during surgery or artificial cancer antigens are injected under (into) the skin, or directly applied to the cancerous spot.

■ World class cancer treatment offered at the Kanazawa Advance Medical Center

The Kanazawa Advanced Medical Center is the first academic-industrial collaborated research institution for advanced medicine in Japan, established in 2012.
Personalized medicine utilizing Cancer Immuno-cell  therapy is offered there based on the most recent research results and analysis of vast amounts of accumulated medical data.
It is a medical institution authenticated by Japanese government which meets the “The Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine enforced in November 2014.

■ Personalized medicine based on numerous data of cases

Personalized medicine is tailor-made medicine matching each individual’s unique personality.
The appropriate treatment is determined by studying genetic-level personal differences and that’s what they practice.

■ World’s highest level PET-CT the combination of PET and 64-row multi-slice CT
Advanced diagnoses from the latest testing equipment and nuclear medicine specialists using top-class radiogram interpretation techniques.

There is heavy importance placed on detecting cancer early and accurately diagnosing progression, regression, and metastasis.
At KadMedic, a full-body check can be done all at once, so not only detecting spread, but also detecting cancer in unexpected places is expected.

● The difference in picture quality is evident

With the conventional picture (left), we would suspect a pulmonary lesion, but with the (right) picture, we can see it’s clearly inside the liver.

■ Reliable treatment based on the prominent achievements in immuno-cell therapy cases is offered to everyone from around the world.

KadMedic is the first attempt in Japan at an academic-industrial collaborated research institution for advanced medicine. To conduct the pinnacle of examination and research, the latest testing institutions is equipped and world class clinical study, education, and research is performed. In particular, boasting the highest national number of immuno-cell therapy cases, these results and experience are basis for providing the optimum treatment options.