• 1. What is cellular immunotherapy for cancer?

    Cellular immunotherapy is an adjunctive treatment for patients with chemotherapy and radiation therapy after the cancer resection. The advanced therapy aims to remove the cancer cells and to prevent cancer recurrence. It is the most effective therapy with very little side effects.

  • 2. How many types of cancer cellular immunotherapy are there?

    According to the type and location of the cancer, there are various types of cellular immunotherapy, including Monoclonal antibodies and tumor-agnostic therapies, Non-specific immunotherapies, Oncolytic Virus Therapy, T-cell therapy (CAT-T and TCR-T) and Cancer vaccines.

  • 3. How long does the immunotherapy take and how long should I stay in Japan for the immunotherapy?

    Generally, hospitalization is not necessary for immunotherapy. The treatment is performed once every two weeks, and a few hours to a whole day for each time. Each course of treatment requires six times of immunotherapy. Most patients need only one course of immunotherapy, but they are required to go to the hospital every two weeks.

  • 4. What the difference between Premium Health Screening and Regular Health Screening?

    Regular Health Screening is routine health screening and the primary doctors will give out the result. The Premium Health Screening requires more advanced medical equipment to conduct the precise screening. The diagnosis will be done only by medical specialists of each department. Their expertise will help to diagnose more quickly and more accurately.

  • 5. How many days will it take for the Premium Health Screening and what will happen to my stay?

    Premium Health Screening lasts 2 days and 1 night and the hospital will arrange the food and accommodation specifically. If time doesn’t permit, a brief Premium Health Screening including only PET-CT and blood tests will be performed and these tests don’t require hospitalization. Consultation with the hospital in advance is required.

  • 6. How many days in advance can I reserve physical health screening?

    Premium Health Screening needs diagnosis by medical specialist of each department and this kind screening is highly popular in Japan. A half year in advance is required for the reservations. Due to the actual situation of foreign clients, the hospitals save a few openings so that the foreign clients can make reservations three months in advance. As to Regular Health Screening, one month is required to make a reservation, except the busy timeframe from April to October of each year.

  • 7. What are the costs of medical care and treatment or therapy?

    Foreign clients are not covered by Japan nationals’ health insurance for any medical care, medical treatment and any therapies. Besides, foreign clients also need interpretation and translation services and other surcharges including arrangement fees. The total cost will be 2 to 2.5 times as higher as the Japanese nationals pay.

  • 8. Should the payment be made in advance or after the treatment or the therapy? 

    Foreign clients are required to pay the estimated treatment costs to the organizations the medical facilities designated in advance after signing the agreement. The designated organizations will pay to the medical facilities on behalf of the clients as the treatment goes on.

  • 9. Do the listed medical facilities accept foreign patients directly?

    Some medical facilities accept foreign clients directly only for emergency. In principle, non-Japanese patients are not permitted to medical facilities directly for treatment and they are required to go through the local medical intermediary agent to receive the medical services.

  • 10. Can you arrange sightseeing in the Hokuriku region, including transportation and accommodation?

    Sightseeing and accommodation can be arranged through our participating travel agencies.

  • 11. I can't speak Japanese, is that okay?

    We will arrange a medical interpreter at the medical institution, and a general interpreter will accompany you at sightseeing. So, don't worry.

  • 12. What about the transportation from my accommodation to the hospital?

    Escorting is available upon your request.