Medical Care Introductions

Regenerative Medicine

accepting medical institution: partner clinic

■ Stem Cell Therapy

“Stem Cell Therapy” is a “new” treatment by
taking stem cells collected from the tissue of
patient’s abdomen, culturing them to a sufficient
number, and then giving them back into the
patient’s body by injection or infusion. The therapy
aims at restoring cells to their normal functions

Presently, it is proved that the therapy is very
effective for “degenerative knee arthropathy” in
which the cartilage of the knee is worn out or torn
due to obesity, aging, and excessive exercise.
It is a revolutionary new treatment that can be
effective not only for elderly people who suffer
from knee pain, but also for athletes.

Since January 2018, this clinic has been
implementing intra-articular transplantation of
adipocyte-derived regenerative cells (ADRCs) for
osteoarthritis of knees.