Medical Facilities

Kanazawa Advanced Medical Center (KadMedic)

13-1 Takaracho, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture 920-0934 HP

Providing World-class Cancer Treatment


Kanazawa Advanced Medical Center (KadMedic) is the first
advanced research institute in Japan that attempts to
cooperate production industry with academic medical research
in order to achieve the highest-level diagnosis
with the latest hi-end examination equipment. The KadMedic
conducts the world-class clinical, educational and academic
studies, especially in immunotherapy which the KadMedic
has accumulated the largest number of clinical cases inJapan.
The clinical experience enables the center to provide the most
applicable treatment methods to itspatients.

KadMedic will work with all efforts to meet the expectations of
patients from all over the world.



Difference between the world’s best 64-axial multi-slice
high-dimensional PET-CT and General PET-CT



● Clearer image resolution and quality
In the case of the conventional image (left), suspicion
of pathology shown in the lung field, but in the image
(right), it is clearly shown inside the liver.


 Low radiation and fast whole-body scanning


■ Advanced diagnosis by nuclear medicine specialists
with the latest testing equipment


Personalized medicine is generally tailor-made
medicine for individual patient with the study of the
difference of his/her own gene level to adopt applicable
treatment. It’s a true customized medicine and
treatment for individual patient.


■ KadMedic is practicing Personalized Medical Care
and treatments for individual patient based on the data
of the large number of clinical cases.