Medical Care Introductions

Premium Health Screening

accepting medical institution: Kanazawa Advanced Medical Center

■ Highly accurate and professional diagnosis with state-
of-the-art equipment such as PET-CT and high-level
expertise medical doctors

In Japan, one in two people suffers from cancer and
one in three people dies from cancer.  With the aging of
society and increasing interest in health, the number is
increasing year by year for people to undergo medical
checkups for the purpose of early detection of diseases
such as cancer.

Premium Health Screening is a world-class medical
examination system for advanced and precise data
analysis with the best use of modern medical progress
and intelligence and cutting-edge medical equipment
by specialist doctors in each field.
Kanazawa University Hospital and Kanazawa
Advanced Medical Center cooperate with each other
and become world-class health checkup system and
second to none medical facilities in Hokuriku in cancer
screening with the best medical staff and the latest

Compared with CT or MRI, the PET-CT test is highly
effective and excellent for detecting relatively small
cancers in its earlier stage (early detection), which is
difficult to judge by CT or MRI. PET-CT makes
advanced diagnosis possible with its molecular imaging
(visualization) technology, such as the determination of
benign and malignant tumors and confirmation of
lymph node metastasis.  Premium Health Screening is
diagnosed by specialist doctors from the presence of
disease to the risk of onset based on examinations and
accumulated data by various high-performance

In addition, Premium Health Screening is the highest
human health screening method in Japan. It is so
popular that the local patients have to make
appointment half a year in advance, especially for
patients from Tokyo metropolitan area. (Three month
in advance for foreigners)

● Premium Health Screening (1 night 2 days)

Physical Examinations / Blood Test / Urine Test / Stool Test
PET-CT / Tumor Marker / Blood Vessel Test / Motion Stress Test / CT Exam
X-ray Exam / MRI Exam / Ultrasound Exam /
Electrocardiogram Exam / Cytologic Diagnosis Exam /

* Other specific health screenings can be arranged on
a day trip such as PET-CT and blood tests.  Please
contact us for details.